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CI with Jenkins, MSBuild, Nuget and Git part 3

In the previous parts (part 1, part 2) of this series I described how to clean, download Nuget packages and build your solution using MSBuild. In this part I will explain you how to create a MSpec MSBuild target and a Code coverage MSBuild target. MSpec is a testing framework which enables you to write living specifications. Using the MSpec console runner you can easily generate an html report. This report can later on be published using the Jenkins report plugin. By publishing this report we have some documentation on the specifications of the software available and because we did write the specifications using MSpec we also have unit tests in place. So that’s why I call it living documentation. :D For generating the code coverage report we use the xml output of our MSpec tests. These reports will also be published using the Jenkins report plugin. To do so I use OpenCover and ReportGenerator. All three packages are installed in my solution using Nuget. So the paths in my build script are based on the paths of my source/packages folders.