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Windows Phone Theme colors

When developing Windows Phone apps I love to use the theme accent colors in my apps. Since there are some new theme colors in Windows Phone 8 I started searching for their color codes. Lucky me I found them on msdn. Now you may be thinking how to use the colors in your own Windows Phone apps. The Color object doesn’t contain a color called Emerald. So I created a small class to help me out with this issue. First of all I created a small static helper method to convert the hexa colors to a color object. So we are able to put in the hexa color string and the function returns a color for us. 123456789public static Color FromHexa(string hexaColor){ return Color.FromArgb( Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(1, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(3, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(5, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(7, 2), 16) );} Then I made some properties that caches the colors for us on their first use. The Color properties looks like this.


Sokoban 7

Sokoban 7 is a classic puzzle game, the first version of Sokoban was published in 1982. Now it is also available on Windows Phone. The game includes 50 levels and will gain periodic updates with new l


Minesweeper 7

Today will be again a milestone for me. Today my first Windows phone app “Minesweeper 7” got certified. This app is just a port of a minesweeper version I made once with winforms. It is very basic and