Archive: 2019/10


Howto Secure Shell easily from the terminal

I see many struggle when it comes to using Secure Shell in a comfortable way. Many are installing unneeded applications like Putty on Windows for example. Just like I did 4 years ago. Over the years I have been working a lot on servers where there was no GUI available and learned a lot doing that. I would like to share my tips and tricks so you can also be empowered by just sticking to the terminal on your OS or simply using Git Bash on Windows.


Manage Go tools via Go modules

In this blog I will cover how I’m managing and versioning the tools my Go projects depend on. Go Modules are available since Go 1.11. Using Go Modules you can manage the dependencies for your project. You can compare it to NPM in Nodejs projects or Maven in Java project or Nuget in .NET projects.