Archive: 2018/12


Start on your first Golang project

A couple of months ago I started to do some coding in Go a.k.a Golang. Not only because they have an awesome logo ;-). My main reason was because I wanted to have something running as bare metal as possible on my Raspberry Pi and I wanted to have it available for different platforms to be easy to install. Some other reasons are the ease of creating async code by using Go in front of your methods and the unique approach of channels to sync between go routines (threads). I have been reading a lot about Go since it was released in 2012, now it was time to really get my hands dirty and try it for myself. Curious, continue reading…


How to add network driver to Windows 10 PE

Very recently I have been trying to reinstall my Laptop using my WinPE approach as it didn’t have a optical drive anymore. However my problem was that the WinPE image I created was lacking the network