Archive: 2013/6


CI with Jenkins, MSBuild, Nuget and Git part 4

In part 1, 2 and 3 I showed you how to create a simple MSBuild script and how to execute it from the command line. We had a look at how to clean your output directories, download the Nuget packages, compile your code, run MSpec tests and creating a code coverage report. In this last part of this series I will show you how to integrate it with Jenkins. First of all we want Jenkins to pull the latest code from Github as soon as somebody has pushed new code to Github. To do this we need to install the Github plugin in Jenkins. We will also install the “MSBuild plugin” in Jenkins to be able to use MSBuild in Jenkins and the “Html publisher plugin” to publish the Coverage and MSpec reports. Also install the “Jenkins Git plugin” to configure the repository in Jenkins.