Archive: 2012/11


Windows Phone Theme colors

When developing Windows Phone apps I love to use the theme accent colors in my apps. Since there are some new theme colors in Windows Phone 8 I started searching for their color codes. Lucky me I found them on msdn. Now you may be thinking how to use the colors in your own Windows Phone apps. The Color object doesn’t contain a color called Emerald. So I created a small class to help me out with this issue. First of all I created a small static helper method to convert the hexa colors to a color object. So we are able to put in the hexa color string and the function returns a color for us. 123456789public static Color FromHexa(string hexaColor){ return Color.FromArgb( Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(1, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(3, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(5, 2), 16), Convert.ToByte(hexaColor.Substring(7, 2), 16) );} Then I made some properties that caches the colors for us on their first use. The Color properties looks like this.